Winter City is front page news

Picture: Supplied. Source: MX Newspaper.

Local comic is a big city success

PATRICK Purcell has set himself a lofty goal - to be better than Batman.

The mild-mannered Sydney-based developer has spent many nights and weekends preparing to publish his own comic book.

His new series Winter City proved popular at the Supanova convention last week with more than 300 copies sold, which Purcell was told is an exceptional number.

While there are a number of independent publishers, Purcell said his advantage was being the owner of his own business.

"That has given me a sense of the commercial world and I also have access to resources, money and materials", he said.

"I've made a serious investment in this and the aim is to make this [the comics] look as good as any Batman comic you see on the shelves today".

Winter City revolves around a little boy who was abandoned by his mother and then cared for by "an angry old hermit".

"The hermit is a little bit deranged and abuses the boy quite significantly and as a result he develops a split personality", Purcell said.

"As a result of his abuse, Sam develops a second personallity, that of the Horseman Death, or the Grim Reaper"

The initial twelve issues of Winter City deal with the boy becoming the serial killer "Grim reaper" and the hunt for him.

"It's the boy's perception, he's not actually talking to anything supernatural", Purcell exlpained.

The first three issues have been released. See

Thursday June 21, 2012. MX Newspaper, Sydney.