Comic book series

Winter City: Every sin has a price

Winter City #1: Murder of a fat man

Alan McLean, a wealthy business-man, is brutally murdered in his own home. It quickly becomes clear to Detectives Daniels and Harvey that things are not what they seem when an eye witness claims she saw the Grim Reaper at the murder scene.

Release Date: 1st March 2011 
Issue #1, 22 Pages, Full Color


Winter City #2: Franky full of sin

Another murder, this time rich playboy Franklin Skyles, again witnesses claim to have seen the Grim Reaper. Detectives Daniels and Harvey suspect a serial killer. The trail leads the Detectives to Edward Smittz, founder and chairman of Smittzen Holdings.

Release Date: 1st September 2011 
Issue #2, 22 Pages, Full Color


Winter City #3: Greedy pigs pay in flesh

Two nights and several brutal murders. The primary targets being members of the city's business elite. Eye witnesses blame the Grim Reaper. The media speculates hired hits. Detective Daniels still hasn't found any conclusive evidence. Donald Swanson becomes victim number three.

Release Date: 31st March 2012 
Issue #3, 23 Pages, Full Color


Winter City #4: Slaughter in the tower of sloth

With no solid leads and a third murder involving a wealthy fat cat, pressure is building for Daniels and Harvey to find the killer. Edward Smittz meets in secret with some old business colleagues. Edward fears that theirs pasts are coming back to haunt them.

Est. Release Date: 15th October 2012
Issue #4, 22 Pages, Full Color


Winter City #5: A discourse with death

Vernon Paul comes face-to-face with the Grim Reaper serial killer. As Vernon meets his bloody demise at the hands of Death, Detective Daniels uncovers the connection between the Reaper murder victims; a real estate investment fund called "Typhoon".

Est. Release Date: 5th March 2013
Issue #5, 23 Pages, Full Color


Winter City #6: Child of heaven, forged in hell

Detectives Daniels and Harvey believe they have the mysterious and violent Grim Reaper serial killer trapped inside a lavish downtown apartment building. A squad of heavily armed special tactics police are dispatched and sent into the building to apprehend the deranged murderer.

Est. Release Date: 22 June 2013
Issue #6, 23 Pages, Full Color


Winter City #7: Safety in the sanctum of god

Detective Daniels awakes to find himself cold and alone in the city's largest cemetery. For the first time, Daniels and the Winter City Reaper meet face-to-face. The motives of the killer take another twisted turn.

Est. Release Date: 12 November 2013
Issue #7, 23 Pages, Full Color